By Brianna Taveras
Namaste!  Namaste is a calm state of relaxation.  This Tuesday Mrs. Erin Klemme stopped by LifeCamp to give free yoga lessons to campers.  Erin and her husband send instructors from their studio P.S. 108 just for us!  I got to talk to Mrs. Klemme and ask some questions to find out more about yoga.  She likes yoga because it makes her mind feel calm and it's fun to do.  We have all heard about how yoga can help you relax, but is it true?  "It does indeed, it actually helps you sleep better," said Mrs. Klemme.  And she should know!  Mrs. Klemme has been doing yoga for over 18 years!
So, when campers are not here at LifeCamp, what kind of yoga can they do?  "Some moves I would suggest are the tree pose and the butterfly stretch.  The butterfly stretch is very calming and the tree pose helps you focus," Mrs. Klemme said.  But as for her favorite yoga moves, Mrs. Klemme likes to do head stands!  Last but not least, why should you do yoga?  "Kids should do yoga because it's calming, but they should do anything that makes them feel good!"  We couldn't agree more!