World Cup Mania

Alana Cook, counselor of Group 18, is a soccer superstar!  She has been on the under 17 Women's National team since she was 14, getting ready to one day (hopefully) play in the World Cup.  Alana said she is inspired by her dad who is from England and loves soccer.  During the World Cup she rooted for team USA, but after they were eliminated she wanted Brazil to win.  Alana hopes she doesn't have to retire until her late 30's, but now she is 17 so she has a long way to go.  Right now she goes to the Pennington School, but will be going to Stanford University in the fall to play soccer.  We wish her the best of luck and can't wait to hear all about her Stanford career next summer!
As far as the men's World Cup, Germany beat Argentina with a score of 1-0 in extra time.  Although it wasn't the United States in the final game, many campers watched and found it to be quite exciting!
Germany wins!
Germany defeats Argentina 1-0 to gain their third World Cup championship.
LifeCamp Allegiances 
Now that the World Cup is over, we were wondering who LifeCampers cheered on.  Here are the results of our poll:
USA: 61%
Argentina: 20%
Mexico: 9%
Germany: 6%
Brazil: 4%