Why we love LifeCamp

By Jaelyn Carr and Alana Anderson

We love Life Camp because it’s a new experience and we get to learn new things each day.

We do new things that help us learn and improve your life skills. We learn how to use computers quickly and how to improve our working skills. We also learn how to work together and how to communicate with each other.

At Life Camp we are a community and family. 

 We also learn how to ride  bikes and how to make  slime which is very fun.  Many people at Life Camp  love it here. At the end of  Life Camp, we get awards  to celebrate us on the  good work and hard  caring. We all care for  each other and we show  respect to each other. 

Many people should think about coming to Life Camp next year because it’s really fun here. There are also a lot of activities like Drama, Chess, Pool, Reading, Nature, Bikes and Dance. There are also comp rules that you will have to follow.

There is no fighting allowed. If you choose to fight you will leave the camp for two days. Also at life camp we have team camp shirts that you have to wear every day.