Why I love LifeCamp

By Keiana Eaddy

I like LifeCamp because we get to be in groups with our friends and we get to earn points for our team. We get to do so many activities and there are lots of fun and interesting things to do. 

I get to do lots of things that I never did before like learning how to play the drums, arts and crafts, and so much more. When I went to arts and crafts, I made a bracelet with my name on it. I like being a camper and getting in the sprinklers. I like the water fights too. I also like that they provide food that is really good, like the pizza, chicken nuggets and tater tots.

I also like reading because we get to read books and the specialists also help me read so I will get my summer homework done. Life Camp is so much more different from other camps because we get to have a lot of fun in all the different activities. I also like the pool because its cold sometimes on the hot days. We also have two full good hours in the pool,and its fun. I love swimming around, playing with friends and jumping in. I passed all the tests, so I can swim in the deep end.

We also have cross country, which is when you around the whole entire camp. I ran the entire 1.03-mile course and I enjoyed it. We also have chess when you get to do tournaments like Connect 4 challenges, and so more. I like drama because we make movies and music videos. We also dress up in costumes to show our creativity. In Nature, we go to the river and go on hikes. We also go catch bugs.

I also help with publishing, where I take pictures and write stories. When we go to dance, we make a choreography and then we perform in front of then entire camp. When we go to games we get to play Uno, Trouble and Nok Hockey.

Life Camp is just the best camp ever and I always have so much fun