IIt Is Good to Be Back

Tuesday marked the first day of LifeCamp and everybody was so excited to be back and begin another fun adventure. 

The counselors and specialists were also excited to return. Mr. Brown, in charge of Reading, said he enjoys the family atmosphere at the camp. Each year the students get taller and more mature. Mr. Brown also loves the ice cream. 


Down at bikes, Mr. Brandon is looking forward to being with the campers and helping them achieve their goals of learning how to ride. Mr. Eutsey is excited to be back again as the Nature specialist. His favorite part of camp is interacting with the "young stars of the world."

Jaden from Group 8 is in his first year at camp and he is happy he gets to go swimming and do a lot of fun things. 

With a full schedule of activities like bikes, swimming, nature, computers, games, arts and crafts, drama, recording studio and project use, it looks like it's going to be another great year at camp!