U.S. Equestrian Team Headquarters
by Zyanique, Blessed, Stephanie, & Assata
This morning when campers gathered for morning meeting they were surprised by 4 horses pulling a carriage!  They pulled up and William told us all about the horses.  Their names were Ulex, Power, Sanno, and Mark.  Ulex was the youngest of the horses and the others helped him learn how to pull the carriage.  Those horses were chosen to pull the carriage because they look similar, but are also strong and obedient.  These horses were Gelderlanders and came from Holland.  After William talked about the horses, he let all the campers pet them!  Kids were shouting and so excited that the horses were there!  But that's not where the fun ended!
Next, campers loaded buses and headed off the the U.S. Equestrian Team Headquarters in nearby Gladstone.  It was built in 1916, which is around the same time LifeCamp was established.  Visiting the headquarters was amazing.  We saw some children who had been riding horses since they were five years old!  Then we met Katie, a rider from California, who told us just how famous this riding headquarters was.  During the visit we got to see the stables and watch the horse show.  We were given packets to learn about horses and were even fed amazing cookies!  Then it was time to say goodbye.  Everyone had a great day! 
Campers got the opportunity to pet the horses.
Some LifeCamp staff members went for a ride.
Beautiful horses in the stables.
Campers got an opportunity to watch the horse shows.