Time for Slime!

By Kyla Rountree  

Whenever we go to nature, they always have a fun activity for us to do.

This week at nature we made slime. You make slime by mixing glue and food coloring and for your activator you can use borax mixed with water. 

One thing fun about make slime is you get to make it any way you like. I made mine purple and I gave it a name, Lavender. 

 There are four types of  slime, Fluffy Slime,  Crunchy Slime, Fishbowl  Slime and Giggly Slime.  Fluffy Slime is very thick  and lots of fun. You get  Crunchy Slime when you  add foam beads to the mix  and whenyou squeeze it, it  makes a crunchy sound  which is so satisfying.

Fishbowl slime is like crunchy slime but with a whole lot of beads. Last but not least, Giggly Slime is slime that is not sticky at all u can drow it its like a wobble bubble. 

Make sure you be careful and don’t let it on your clothes because slime does not come off your clothes. It only comes off in the washing machine.

It was a lot of fun making slime and getting to show it to other campers.