The Trouble in Rio

By Corey Madison, Group 22

The International Olympic Committee made the decision to let host Rio, Brazil host the 2016 Summer Games. With the Olympics just right around the corner, many people are thinking this was the wrong decision because Rio is facing a lot of serious problems.

I agree with the critics because according to “Business Insider”, street robberies will possibly ruin the Olympics, if spectators begin to get robbed. The city already has trouble with crime, so it is going to be tough to keep all of the athletes and fans safe around each of the events.

rio 2016 olympics water pollution bay 3Guanabara Bay and Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, two bodies of water that will host numerous aquatic events, are filled with trash and waste. Also, according to “Business Insider,” swimming and boating venues for the games contain bacteria which can infect the competitors. This “super bacteria” is drug-resistant and came from waste that spilled into the water. The country has really not done a lot to get it fixed.

Brazil also faces issues with the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases. A lot of the USA’s best Olympians have already dropped out because of the Zika scare. There is currently no vaccine to prevent the virus or a medicine to treat the infection.

Brazil also is plagued with pollution and is having a lot of trouble making sure all of the Olympic facilities are ready for when the Games start in August. Not only might the venues not be ready, but some people are warning they might not even be safe.

This is not the proper setting for such a historic event. The International Olympic Committee could have chosen Tokyo or Chicago for this Olympics, but instead they chose one of the most dangerous and most polluted cities. Maybe Rio wasn’t the best choice for the Olympic games.