Thanks, Mrs. McCormick!
By: Sania Owens
  The end of LifeCamp always makes everyone a little bit sad.
  But we have even more sad news to report.  Our Program Officer, Patty McCormick, is unfortunately moving away to Grand Rapids, Michigan to live with her family.  Mrs. McCormick has been working here for five years.  She works with the donors to help get us new programs and works year-round.  But, in the summer time she works with enrolling the campers into LifeCamp.  Mrs. McCormick says that what inspired her to work at LifeCamp was, “the mission of LifeCamp. I like creating new programs for the kids, and I love the people at LifeCamp.  Everybody is like family.”  Mrs. McCormick states that her favorite thing about LifeCamp is, “how happy everybody is and the spirit of LifeCamp.”
Mrs. McCormick will always have a deep place for LifeCamp in her heart and believes that LifeCamp means opportunity for campers and staff.  Although we are extremely sad to see her go, we are thankful for her hard work and dedication to LifeCamp.  She will be missed, but we wish her the best!  
Mrs. McCormick poses with campers one last time.
Camp Times reporters get the 411 on Mrs. McCormick.
Mr. Franz and Mrs. McCormick share a hug at a party thrown in her honor.