Spirit Week Recap

By Sariah Richardson

Friday signaled the end of the second annual Spirit Week at camp! Here is a quick recap of what went on each day.

Tuesday: Sports Day

On Tuesday, every camper and counselor had to wear something relating to any sports team. Many of the kids and counselors wore jerseys of football teams such as the New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, and the Dallas Cowboys. Also, there was a competition at Project USE where all four colors competed against each other on the single line to see which color would get the most points.

Blue had the most campers complete the course and won the week’s first activity.

Wednesday: All-White Day

On Wednesday, the campers and counselors had to wear as much white as they could. There was a Connect 4 competition and everybody got dirty.

After placing fourth on the ropes course, the Yellow team rebounded by finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Connect 4 tournament. Tazmir from Group 22 was able to win four games in the final over one of his teammates.

Thursday: Mixmatch Day

On Thursday, everyone wore something mix match. Some campers mixed up their shoes and some mixed up their socks. 

There was a mini Olympics that involved a game called Speed Ball. Speed Ball is a mixture of three sports, basketball, football, and soccer. Since we do no have a basketball court, we only played football and soccer part. 

Yellow once again rose to the top and won the tournament after a victory over the Red team. Yellow beat Blue in the semifinals, while Red beat Green.

Friday: Color Day

On Friday, everyone had to wear something representing their color. The kids in the green group had to wear things that are green and so on. 

There was also a fun activity at Arts & Crafts that let the kids try and design the best Life Camp poster.