Spider-Man: Homecoming

By Jordan Tyler

The new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming was another installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will lead up to the all Marvel characters coming into one movie called Avengers: Infinite War.

  The movie was about how he was   thrilled by his experience with the    Avengers and he returns home to  live with his Aunt May. He begins to  love his new identity as Spider-Man  and he continues to be mentored  by Tony Stark. He also tries to get  back to a normal daily routine but  he gets distracted by his thoughts  of showing everyone he can be  more than a super hero. When the  Vulture emerges and threatens to  wreak havoc on the city, Spider-  Man must use his powers to bring  him down.

 He is they youngest Avenger  character in the movie. He is  always being tested on what to do by Tony Stark. When he was asked to join the Avengers he said no because he was being humble. He wanted to stay with his Aunt May. He wanted to stay and protect her. She would always worry about him and always worry about he would come back.

The movie did well at the box office in its first weekend. It made $117 million and it was the second-highest weekend total of any Spider-Man movie behind Spider-Man 3 from 2007. With a budget of $175 million, the movie has already made a whopping $301.1 million around the world.