Shakespeare Comes to LifeCamp
By Brianna Taveras

"Romeo!  Romeo!  Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"  Everyone knows that famous line from William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.  Campers were lucky enough to see a production of Romeo & Juliet on Thursday performed by The Next Stage Ensemble.  They are a group of actors that work out of The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.  Eight actors were picked to perform in this elite group.  Most of them have degrees in theater and as we could tell, are great actors.  Many of the older campers have studied Shakespeare in school and knew this story well.  Although some of the younger campers were new to Shakespeare, they still enjoyed the show.  Especially the sword fights!  After the show, the actors were nice enough to take pictures and give autographs to our campers.  They were like movie stars!  This was the first time a play like this has ever been performed at camp and we hope we get to see more shows like this!

To find out more about The Next Stage Ensemble, go to their website: