Jeffrey Chiesa Comes to Visit
by Aniyah Welch 
This week LifeCamp had a very special visitor.  His name is Jeffery Scott Chiesa.  He let me interview him on his life and all his experiences.  Many may have not known this, but Jeffery has worked for Governor Chis Christie.  He was the NJ Attorney General when Chris Christie chose him to take the Senate seat of Frank Lautenberg.  We wondered what it was like working for Governor Christie.  He said, “Working for
 Governor Christie is very fun and productive.”  I learned that the rumor of Chris Christie being mean and bossy was based off of opinions.
When Governor Christie chose him to fill the Senate seat he felt shocked, but honored.  Mr. Chiesa had the choice to continue working in the Senate and run against former Newark Mayor Corey Booker, but chose not to.  So I asked why he didn’t run. He told us that it was because of where he lived.  He told me that in order to run you have to live in Washington D.C., but sadly his wife and family lives in New Jersey.
Now, I know we all would like to know if Mr. Chiesa was a former camper here at LifeCamp.  I asked him, but sadly his answer was no.  When he came to visit us on Wednesday it was his very first time here.  He said it was a beautiful place with great people working at it.  We asked Mr. Chiesa if he would ever come back to Life Camp, and you know the answer he said was, “Yes, and I will bring my bathing suit next time!”
Mr. Chiesa says the Pledge of Allegance with campers.
Mr. Franz and Mr. Chiesa have a chat during Morning Meeting.