Safety Tips
By Kamari Bryant

The amazing Travis Franz has been working at LifeCamp for 13 years. He's had almost every job at this camp.  Travis has been the medical director, worked in the cafeteria, was a Nature specialist, and even a counselor.  Unfortunately for LifeCamp, this is the last summer that Travis will be here to mend our bumps and bruises.  He is planning to attend Missouri State University to study occupational therapy.  That's helping people get back to their normal lives after they have had an injury.  Out of all the jobs he has had here at camp, he liked working in the cafeteria the best.  Why?  Because he got to eat!  Travis has many memories of this place and his favorite is just coming back each year.  He will miss all the campers when he's gone.  Mr. Franz says that he is going to miss working with his son because he's reliable and can count on him for anything.  We will miss Travis, so let's make it his best summer yet!
Travis' Tips for a Safe Summer
* Don't run at the pool
* Be careful at bikes
* Don't put bug spray or sunscreen in your eyes
* Follow the directions of the staff
Travis and Mr. Franz together for one last summer.