Rutgers Nutrition

LifeCamp was happy to have such important professors from Rutgers University come to talk to us about nutrition.  During their visit, Professors of nutrition Sandra Grenci and Kathleen Morgan, played trivia games with campers to see how much they knew about sugar, nutrients, and where their food comes from.  Campers learned that if you drink two one liter bottles of soda a week that you will consume an extra 1,768 tablespoons of sugar a year!  This can lead to weight gain and possibly even diabetes and high blood pressure.  Campers also found out that New Jersey has about 9,000 farms and our best growing crop is actually the blueberry!  This is the first time the professors have done a program here at camp and they hope to teach kids about eating healthy and being physically active.  Well, we certainly learned about from these professors and are so glad they came!
One professor shows campers how to read a food label.
The professors speak to campers about sugar.
Look how much sugar is in that one liter bottle of soda!