Rules at the Pool

Each year, we want to remind all the campers of how important it is to be smart and safe down by the pool.

Life Camp Times writer Keiana Eaddy is here to talk about it more:

Pool is my favorite activity. I can jump in the deep side because I have passed the nine feet test. I also love that the pool always has a different temperature every day. The water always is nice and it was nice to get adjusted to the deeper side of the pool.

Now every public pool or even your own pool has rules. At Lifecamp we have seven rules and they are:

1. Do not jump in the water unless you are in the nine feet section

2. No running  

3. Keep the locker rooms clean

4. Don’t go on the stairs

5. Make sure you have a swimming buddy

6. Always listen to the lifeguards

7. Stay inside the fence