River Fishing
By Jordan Tyler

If you have had Nature this summer you may have met members from the Raritan Headwaters Association.  They came to talk to campers about taking care of New Jersey’s watersheds.   A watershed is a drainage basin or an area of land that drains all of its water to a specific body of water like a river lake or bay.  “I love helping all the kids discover things that they may not have seen before,” Joanne, a member of the association, said as she caught a dragonfly nymph.  The Raritan Headwaters Association is the largest watershed organization in New Jersey.  They preserve and improve water quality and other natural resources of the Raritan River headwaters region.  “I like how excited the kids get when they find micros,” said Clare.  Clare used to work here at LifeCamp last year as a counselor.  The campers were excited to learn about our river here and catch some interesting fish and bugs.  Not only do the campers love the visitors, but the visitors love coming to camp too!

Here is what 2 of the workers say about their jobs:

JENDAYI: It is fun and I feel we are doing something good for the environment and the kids LOVE IT.

STEVEN: I like how the kids are afraid of the bugs at first, but when we talk about them they change their minds about the bugs.           

You can find out more about the Raritan Headwaters Association at: