Recent Disney Changes

By Jordan Tyler, Group 20
Toy Story Land is a brand new section of the Hollywood Studios park at Walt Disney World that opened on June 30, 2018. On media day, there were over 200 people in attendance.

Many people were excited to see the two new rides and improved ride. One of the new rides is called Slinky Dog Dash. It is a ride that takes you through Slinky’s body and you ride as if you are inside of a race track.

The second new ride is called Aliens Swirling Saucers. It is a ride where you spin around in an alien saucer. Then you have Midway Mania which has been at the Hollywood studios since May 31, 2008.

Also at Toy Story Land, they opened a new eatery called Woody’s Lunch Box. They have entrees such as the BBQ brisket melt and also the s’more french toast sandwich. By opening this has created a lot more opportunities to do different things inside of the park. Now at the park, you can meet Jessie, Buzz and Woody in many different places. Now you can meet some of the green army men. 

Over at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, they have renovated a whole pier/side of the park to dedicate it to Pixar. Instead of the newly changed place having the old name of Paradise Pier. It's new name is Pixar Pier.

Paradise Pier had to close on January 8, 2018. Its last run of the ride California Screamin’ was January 7. On June 22, there was an event at Pixar Pier called Pixar Pier premiere. The newly renovated Pixar Pier officially opened on June 23 at Disney California Adventure during PixarFest over at Disneyland.

They were over 300 people at the premiere. They were some of the first people to endure Pixar Pier. Some of the reasons that people went to the Pixar Pier's premiere was to gain exclusive entry into Pixar Pier. You will be able to ride the new Incredibles ride, inspired by the new Incredibles 2 movie.

The ride is about Jack Jack and how Edna Mode loses him. The family has to go and find them. Therefore, the rollercoaster zooms you through Dash's point of view of running to get Jack-Jack. Another ride that was previously known as Mickey's Fun Wheel is now known as Pixar Pal-a-Round. They also have Jessie's new ride called Jessie’s Critter Carousel coming out in 2019. 

Also, if you had gone to the premiere, you could have had complimentary food and deserts. At the Disneyland, they have a new restaurant called Lamplight Lounge, which is surrounded by Pixar memorabilia. It replaced the legendary Cove Bar, which has been there since February 2001. Lamplight Lounge has a display of the Luxo balls at the entrance and many features of all of the Pixar movies.

They have a beautiful wall of quotes from all Pixar movies once you enter the bathroom. There is another place to eat which serves just chicken drumsticks and turkey legs. Then there is a treats corner called the Adorable Snowman frosted treats Where you can dig into some all yellow treats. Then you can head over to Señor Buzz Churros to get some spicy churros or regular churros.

Then you can walk across the pier and eat some hot dogs at Angry Dogs. You will be able to purchase a spicy all beef hot dogs with a bag of hot fries or a not-so-spicy hot dog with a potato chip.

Also now that they have to play Disney parks you can now play and interact with different attractions and parks while you are inside both of the Disney parks.