Rainy Days!

Week 2 brought lots of rain to camp.  But we don't let that get us down.  Camp Times reporters found out some of our favorite activities to do when the weather is less than perfect.
"I love going to computers." ~ Sariah Richardson, Group 13
"I keep on dancing!" ~ Ms. Jasmine
"Reading!" ~ Zaimir, Gropu 12
"I like watching movies." ~ Alex, Group 12
"I like being able to go to Arts & Crafts." ~ Caroline, Group 11
"Play and watch movies in the Rec Hall." ~ Aliyah Chestnut
"Nature." ~ Leah, Group 20
"I love computers." ~ Janaeya Gunter, Group 18
"Staying dry!" ~ Sheridan, Group 6
"Chess because we get to play different games." ~ Keshia, Group 9
"Drums and the computer lab." ~ Ibn, Group 9
"Jumping in puddles!" ~ Toby, Group 13

Looks like the rain is on its way!
Come inside!

Nice and dry while watching movies.

Back to playing after the rain has gone!