Pasta Day!
by Stephanie and Annaya
For the past few summers Alfredo and his family have treated LifeCampers to a delicious pasta lunch.  Now he's back and we got the 411 on this great chef.
LifeCamp Times: How long have you been cooking?
Alfredo Sciolla: I've been cooking for 30 years.

LifeCamp Times: What was the name of your restaurant and catering company?
Alfredo Sciolla: My restaurant was called Sabatini's and now my catering company is called MCJ Foundation.

LifeCamp Times: What is the dish you are making for campers today?
Alfredo Sciolla: Fusilli bolognese, which is pasta with meat sauce.

LifeCamp Times: What is your favorite meal to cook?
Alfredo Sciolla: Pasta

LifeCamp Times: What is your favorite meal to eat?
Alfredo Sciolla: Fish and chicken

LifeCamp Times: Why do you come back to camp each year?
Alfredo Sciolla: I love to help kids and share my 

LifeCamp Times: What inspired you to become a chef?
Alfredo Sciolla: I love to eat!

LifeCamp Times: What are your favorite healthy and junk foods?
Alfredo Sciolla: Fruit and french fries

LifeCamp Times: Do you have any advice for kids who want to start their own businesses one day?
Alfredo Sciolla: Do what you love to do.
Alfredo's helpers.