Super Secretary

By: Alana McGill & Iz’shana Jones

Caleigh O’Connor works in the office of LifeCamp as our secretary. She files and is very organized.  I guess you can say she is the Super Secretary. Caleigh has worked at LifeCamp for nine years.  She told us she stays so organized by color coding and by using folders.  That is good advice for campers about to start a new school year.  Caleigh says that, "working with Mr. Franz is fun, but stressful at times."  Caleigh goes to school at Fairfield University.  For an after school activity, Caleigh plays lacrosse at her college. Caleigh says the price for playing lacrosse is that you have early morning practices and hard workouts, but in the end its exciting and worth it.  When Caleigh graduates college, she wants to be an NHL sports broadcaster. Caleigh’s favorite things about LifeCamp are all the smiling faces and all the laughter she can hear from outside of the office.  Everyone here is very lucky to have Caleigh keeping this place together!