A Family Affair
by Jordan Dodson & Iz'shana Jones
Everyone here at LifeCamp feels like family.  But did you know just how many real family members work and play here?  We found out what it was like to work with members of your family.
Mr. Harris and his daughter, Asia
Mr. Harris: I treat my daughter like all the other kids and I get to see her enjoy new experiences.
Asia: It's good because I always have a ride home.
Mr. Dodson and his kids, Justin & Jordan
Mr. Dodson: My kids have been going here for 7 years.  No camp compares!
Justin: It's good because I have a ride home.
Jordan: It's nice because I know my family is close by.
Sisters Caleigh & Emma
Caleigh: It's really exciting and gives us a chance to cooperate.
Emma: We work well together and it's fun.
Brothers Mike & Patrick
Mike: It's a lot of fun.
Patrick: It's cool and we have fun and work together well.
Shana and her daughter, Deziyah
Shana: It's cool.  She feels the other counselors are family and loves it.
Deziyah: I like it because I can always go to her if I need to.
Mr. Franz and his son, Travis
Mr. Franz: It's good.  I don't treat him any differently.
Travis: I love to see the family tradition continue.
Mr. Cook and his family
Mr. Cook: It's nice that I get to see everybody at the same camp.
Kia: It's wonderful.  It's like a reunion for 6 weeks.
Fatima: It's great.  It's like a home away from home.
Sheri: It's a lot of fun.  We laugh and sing all day.  It makes the time go by really fast.
De'Garyan: We have fun and make the best of our time.
         Mr. Wayne and his children.
Mr. Wayne: It feels good to know where my kids are and know they're having fun.
Justin: I like it!
Layla: I like to ride bikes with my dad and go to the stream with my mom and spend time with them.
Wayne: I love it because I get special things.
Isiah: I just love my family to death!
Kiesha and her kids, Nasir & Aliyah
I love that my kids are here and get to have the same opportunity that I had as a kid.  
It's nice and loving!
Aliyah: I like camp because we get in the pool, dance, and ride bikes.
Tamika and her son, Ibn
Ibn: I like to do PE and go in the pool with my mom.
Tamika: I feel happy, loved, and proud of him.
Sisters Crystal and Tiffany
Crystal: It's exciting and a great way to bond.
Tiffany: It's fun and cool.
Mrs. Crawford and her daughter, Jada
Mrs. Crawford:
I'm glad to see that she enjoys the camp.
Jada: She is nice, cool, and awesome.
Mr. Sloan and his daughter, Kiara
Mr. Sloan: Having Kiara here has been a joy for me!
Kiara: I didn't see him as much until now, things are pretty normal.
Sisters Keisha, NaNa, & Ammeila
Keisha: I love that I have family here even though at LifeCamp everyone is family.
Ammeila: It's easier to work with family and if I need something I can ask the family.
NaNa: It's fun and exciting!
Sisters Jasmine, Jakeia, & Janae
Jasmine: It feels good to be able to work with my sisters.
Jakeia: It feels good to be working with my sisters.  I love seeing them everyday.
Janae: It feels good to work with my sisters.
Cousins Tarell & Sania
Tarell: I am happy that Sania is my cousin and that she's here to experience the wonderful things going on at LifeCamp.
Sania: It's fun because he has my back and he's nice.
Mona and her kids, Deyon & Kyla
Mona: I'm very ecstatic to have my kids at camp with me.
Deyon: It's an amazing experience.
Kyla: I feel safe.
Siblings Meghan & Brian
Meghan: I like driving up with Brian and I get to hang out with him during the day.
Brian: I think it's great that we work together.  We both enjoy coming in and sharing LifeCamp stories.
Brothers Harald & John
Harald: It's an absolute pleasure to work with a family member.  We both enjoy being role models.
John: I worked at LifeCamp last summer and it was great to be able to involve my brother in such a special experience.
Cousins Jess & Grace
Grace: Working with my cousin is great because we have become closer and we love each other.
Jess: Working with my cousin is fun because we have a playful relationship and use our playful dynamic to have even more fun with the kids.