Governor Tom Kean
By: A'zya Lockhart & Jordan Dodson

Another special guest visited LifeCamp this week.  It was former governor Tom Kean.  He became governor of New Jersey in 1982 and served until 1990. When Tom Kean was in office, he worked hard to clean the streets and also supported many schools.  
He wanted to run for governor because he wanted to do many things that allowed kids to go to college.  He also thought there was too much crime, especially in the cities.  While he was in office Governor Kean helped get 25 education reforms passed.  
After leaving office, Governor Kean was picked by President George W. Bush as the chairman of the 9/11 Commission.  He also became the president of Drew University and was the chair of the Robert Wood Johnson foundation.
Did you know that Governor Kean also worked at a camp like LifeCamp? The camp was located in New Hampshire.  Some of the children were from Newark, New York, and many other places.  Also, as a special treat to the kids, the camp said if they were good, they would give them an extra 2 weeks at camp.  At his camp kids competed in athletics and mind competitions.  Governor Kean really enjoyed his visit to LifeCamp and was glad to meet new people.  
So, what if you would like to be governor some day?  Well, if that's the case Governor Kean says the best thing you can do is do well in school and work hard in college.  And if you study history, you'll do well in politics.
New Jersey's former governor helps campers with the Pledge of Allegiance.
LifeCamp Times reporters pose for a picture with Mr. Kean.