Nutrition Tips from RU

By Keiana Eaddy

Sandra Grenci is part of a nutritional program at Rutgers and she comes to camp sometimes in the summer. 

 Sandra teaches the kids  how to eat healthy  everyday and the  importance of eating  healthy. The most  important reason Sandra  likes coming here each  summer is because she  loves all the kids and  meeting all of the new  campers too.

She was able to give us some tips to eat healthy. Your meals should always include fruits, vegetables, milk/dairy, protein, and whole grains. Make your meal healthy every day! Eating healthy is so important, just like staying in shape and it will help you live longer. 

In addition, kids and adults worldwide should eat less sugar and salty foods and snacks to keep themselves from getting diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and other diseases. 

Many kids are addicted to sugary snacks and drinks that are harmful sometimes which have artificial flavoring. We are so thankful for the time she spends at camp and the lessons she teaches us!