The New and Improved Project USE
by Jordan Dodson & A'zya Lockhart
Project USE is an activity at LifeCamp that shows you how to work together as a team.  We learn to always trust our teammates.  Project USE is taught by Mr. Dodson and Mr. Harris and they are so good at what they do.  In this activity you learn about things that you need to use in life.  We participate in different activities called elements.  All of the elements help everyone work together.  The elements include the team seesaw, rock climbing wall, and other team building games.  On the seesaw, the entire team has to get on a platform and balance on it.  This element helps teach communication between the team.  On the rock climbing wall you MUST have spotters that make sure you don't fall.  This builds trust.
So, just who are these new specialists?

Mr. Dodson: Works in the Newark Public Schools as a middle school math teacher.  He enjoys teaching Project Use.  He likes to keep children active.  He thinks the children enjoy the challenges that involve the elements.

Mr. Harris: Is a middle school science teacher at Brick Avon Academy in Newark.  He enjoys watching the kids use their problem solving skills when they are in the challenges.  He thinks the kids enjoy Project USE and are eager to participate.
Mr. Harris shows a camper the proper way to catch someone during a "Trust Fall".
A camper tries out the new rock climbing wall.
Watch Group 20 work together to balance the seesaw.
Here's a camper from Group 19 attempting to scale the rock climbing wall.
Mr. Dodson and Mr. Harris explain the rules for the team seesaw.
Group 20 works together on the team seesaw.