New Medical Director
By Sadiyyah Crawford & Makkah Pierre

            We all loved and adored our old medical director, Travis Franz, but sadly, he had to go away to college.  That meant we had some big shoes to fill.  Luckily we have found another medical director to cover Travis.  Her name is Devin Blanchard.  We interviewed her about her new job as Life camps nurse.  Devin works as an EMT.   If you don’t know what that is, it’s a person who rides around in an ambulance and is the first ones to assist your injury.  As a senior in high school, Devin does normal teenage things such as hanging out with her friends. She has worked at life camp for 2 years. Her favorite thing about working at LifeCamp is helping all the campers with their “cuts and boo-boos”.  She looks at being the new medical director as both a bad and good thing because she gets to learn and experience more, but badly because we all will never forget Travis.