Mr. Franz, Camp Director

Meet Mr. Franz, the LifeCamp Director. He took over this position after Ms. Banks of the Boys and Girls Clubs of New Jersey left 29 years ago and has been here ever since.

Camp has changed quite a bit from when he first got here. There are a lot more volunteers and staff members and just as importantly, there are plenty more activities for the campers.

Mr. Franz is a great camp director. He loves being here because he loves the campers and loves the camp environment. his favorite activities are baseball and morning meeting, where he always gets a great vibe from the campers when he shouts "hello!" into the microphone.

What many people might not know  is that Mr. Franz also works at a high school. He is a guidance counselor at Morristown Beard School and also is in charge of the school's varsity basketball team. I asked Mr. Franz how he got into coaching

He played as a kid and loves the game. He thinks it's the best team sport out there, and for good reason. It takes all five players on the court working as a unit for the team to have success. His favorite movie is "Glory Road" with Josh Lucas, a great basketball movie. As much as he loves baseball and basketball, football is favorite sport.

Mr. Franz is also an extremely passionate Mets fan and loves to go out for a round of golf.