Movie Makers
By: Zoe Hopkins Mikayla Richardson Jasmine Fleming

Have you ever wanted to be a movie star? Well, when you first come to LifeCamp you get to have Drama and make a movie.  You can be just like your favorite actor or actress!  The drama teacher is Mr.Todd.  When he comes to Drama he lets the kids decide what they want the movie to be about. In the next step, the group decides who’s going to be which character.  Mr. Todd makes the costumes and gets the props together.  Next, we shoot the movie with our costumes on.  When Mr. Todd is done editing all of the movies, campers get a DVD with all of the LifeCamp movies on it.  Then they can watch at home all year long.  It is definitely fun for Mr. Todd to make movies in camp, but his favorite part is when the kids throw themselves in their characters. Mr. Todd is also a filmmaker outside of camp.  We are lucky to have him here at camp making movie stars out of our campers!