Most Memorable Moments
By Kynise Dixon, Katyyh Carter & Leah Hudson

LifeCamp leaves every camper and counselor full of great memories.  Which moment was your most memorable?  Here is what some campers and counselors said.

"When Group 21 made it over the 9 foot wall." ~ Mr. Dodson, Project USE
"Watching Brian complete his dance with his group." ~ Mr. Harris, Project USE
"When the ice cream truck came twice in one week." ~ NaNa, Group 19 counselor
"Alfonzo dancing in the pool." ~ Ms. Keisha, Group 22 Counselor
"Dealing with the kids." ~ Mr. Wayne, Bikes
"Everything was a good moment." ~ Emily, Group 5 counselor
"Playing in the pool." ~ Imani Davis, Group 19
"My most memorable moment is to see the kids having fun everyday." ~ Katie, Group 20
"When I first went to the deli and hanging out with my friends." ~ Sajah, Group 17
"When Sajah screamed because of a bug on her shoulder." ~ Alana, Group 17
"My most memorable moment is interacting with kids." ~ Josh, Group 20
"Bike riding!" ~ Makiah, Group 17
"When someone put a bug on Sajah and she ran!" ~ Dynajah, Group 17
"Talking at the table during Project USE." ~ Danielle, Group 22
"Going on the bike tour." ~ Adriana, Group 22
"Going into a new group and getting to know people." ~ Kayla, Group 19
"Going on the bike tour." ~ Jordan, Group 21
"Going swimming." ~ Kayla, Group 19
"The first time it rained, because I got wet." ~ Daniel, Group 16
"An UNO game where someone had to draw 28 cards from the deck." ~ Erik, Chess
"One of my groups played 'Uptown Funk' on the drums and sang it." ~ T.Will, Drums
"Helping kids write songs." ~ Dre, Recording Studio
"In the blue group Brian Bobal dancing." ~ Mrs. Crawford, Arts & Crafts
"My favorite memory is meeting my friend Sylvia." ~ Kattyh, Group 20