Mini Horses at Camp!

By Jaelyn Carr and Alana Anderson

In nature three ladies came to Life Camp on Thursday with two miniature horses! They came here to teach the campers how to walk and stop the horse on their commands. Their names were Dana, Katie and Maureen and they taught the kids how to walk on with the horse.

The horse’s names were Michaelangelo and Noble. that was helping the three young ladies. They were inspired to get the horse because one of them back in the day didn’t have a horse and she always wanted one when she was a little kid but she really couldn’t afford it.
The ladies are happy when it comes to the horses because one them said that they enjoy working with them. They give commands in all different ways. They  first control them by a led roping and also putting their hand close as possible to their face also they say commands like hoe and walk on. 

They were also saying do your business which means use the bathroom. They knew how to control the horse with the feet and words. They also said that working with horses was calming and it was a calming thing to do.

We were so happy that they came to camp!