Meet Tre at Recording Studio!
Jaelyn Carr and Alana Anderson

At Life Camp, one of the activities we have is recording studio. We make songs and different beats. Our teacher’s name is Trey.

 He also works at a  funeral home and he is a  full time musician. He is a  very cool teacher and he  is very understanding. He  has been in the music  business for 10 years  now. He is amazing. 
 Certain music makes  people feel in a different  way but to him it’s different. He says that music is like the form of therapy and it help you to overcome anything or get through anything.

What Trey said is really true music sometimes help people calm down a little bit. It Can also help you calm down when you are stressed out or anything else and music it’s like a message that trying to get out to you which is very good and helpful.
So you know that everyone has a favorite artist. Trey's favorite artists are J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar for a very good reason. The reason he likes those artists is because they also have a message behind his songs which is very good.   

We are so happy to have Tre with us at camp!