Meet Ms. Makka!

By Alana Anderson

In nature we have a new teacher this summer. The new teacher's name is Miss Makka. She is a young, nice lady that loves to teach kids new things and even take them to the river to find things in the water like animals.

 Miss Makka isn’t just a  teacher, she is a friend. On  her days off she likes to relax  and watch TV and Netflix and  also sometimes she like to go  out with her friends just to  have fun with them and just to  smile and be happy.

 Miss Makka has fun at Life  Camp for many reasons and  likes camp because she  enjoys having different kids  around everyday. Also, she  likes teaching them how to  make things and taking them  to the creek. Some of the  campers see crayfish and  learn how they move around.  And the kids are really excited to be going there every week so they get to see more things and different things that are in the water.

She also likes nature because it makes the kids happy to go there to see the animals in the water and to get wet when they are in the water. Miss Makka is a great person to have at camp.