Medical Marvel

BY: Alana N. McGill and Katyyh K. Carter

This week doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia performed a miraculous surgery on 8 year old Zion Harvey.  Zion is the youngest person to receive a double hand transplant! A double hand transplant is when you don’t have two hands and the doctors perform surgery and give you hands.  It’s amazing!   Zion Harvey lost both hands and feet to a bacterial disease at age 2. This disease caused multiple organ failures and forced the amputation of his hands and feet. At age 4 Zion needed a kidney transplant and received the organ from his mother. He also needed prosthetic legs and when he received them was able to walk, run, and jump. When Zion did not have any hands he would use his forearms to eat, play video games, hug his family, and still attended school.  He amazed all his teachers and family members. With his new hands, Zion’s goal is to one day throw a football and play on the monkey bars. The doctors were able to give Zion new hands by attaching his arteries, veins, muscles, tendons, and nerves using steel plates and screws. Wow! Zion has to take a lot of medicine for the rest of his life so his body doesn’t react in a negative was towards the transplanted hands. Doctors say Zion will remain in rehab for a few weeks and will then able to go home. Zion and his family are extremely grateful for the hands and Zion thanked his family for helping him through these hard years.  This is truly an amazing and inspiring story!