Luau Time!
By: Briana Taveras & Kynise Dixon

Aloha! Welcome to a luau party for groups 1-7! The luau contained tons of different food, straw hats, music, decorations, beach balls, and much more.  The party was coordinated by Miss Tameka of Group 1 and all the other counselors.  Why have such a big bash at the end of the summer?  "It makes me happy to see the kids happy and it's a way to give back," Miss Tameka said.  She wanted to give them an experience that they wouldn't have everyday.  And she sure did!  Everyone had such a great time and were thankful for all of the hard work work put in by counselors.

We interviewed campers from groups 1-7 about their amazing party to find out what they liked about the luau.

1. “ I think the party is going to be great!” says Javon from Group 2
2. “I think it’s awesome!” Tahayeh from Group 5
3. “Awesome!” Mckayla from Group 4
4. “The party is great, good, and fantastic.” says Nasir, Group 6
5. “It is awesome because they have food and face paint.” Ti, Group 7
6. “Amazing and outstanding!” Bashir, Group 3 
7. “I like the party because we get food!” Kyela, Group 3

What adorable face paint!
Campers enjoyed playing with beach balls in the pool.
Love the hat!
Campers are all smiles after a delicious lunch.
These campers are definitely enjoying the food!
A quick picture before a dip in the pool.
These campers are having a great time!
Beautiful face painting.