Little Authors
By Sadiyyah Crawford, Kamari Bryant, & Makkah Pierre

Have you ever dreamed of being an author and writing a best selling book?  Well, this week at camp some campers got to make their own and they turned out great.  We went to the Reading Loft and 
were introduced to Margo Rodgers, who was showing the campers what to do.  As we watched, we saw many creative ideas being thrown around.  One that caught our attention was by a camper named Andrews.  We asked him about his creative title called, "The Story of the Ghost".  The story is about a ghost named Ellen who haunts a school.  He wrote the story because he has an interest in scary stories.  How does Andrews feel about his book?  "People will enjoy my book," he said.  We also spoke to Margo about this activity.  She is a member of the Girl Scouts and has dedicated many years of her life to that organization.  Margo wanted to teach campers about her love of books and hoped that they would feel the same way.  Everyone enjoyed making their books and many awesome books were made.  Good job, everyone!