LifeCamp is Amazing

By Sanyu McClean

Life Camp is so amazing! We do cool activities like art, games, pool and many more.

At art, we make stuff we never made before and at art we get string on Fridays. With the string, we can make different figures like a box or a lighthouse. At games, we get to play Nok Hockey. Those games get exciting because people can battle each other.

Pool is my favorite. Some days the life guards give us swimming lessons and then sometimes we get to free swim!

Another fun activity is dance. In dance, we spend some time warming up and then after we learn our entire routine, we get to perform it in front of the whole camp! In percussion, we play drums and learn some really fun drum games. We also have drama, where we can act out our own movies, like Ghostbusters and some action movies. At Project USE we learn how to complete activities by working together as a team.

All these are reasons why I love LifeCamp!