LifeCamp Wildlife

 By Keianna Eaddy and Zoe Hopkins      

LifeCamp doesn't only host kids during the summer, all sorts of animals call this area home from big to small!

Black bears are known to live around this area and mostly come out at night. Black bears live in over 40 states around the country. They eat garbage, plants, other animals, insects, berries, nuts, fruit, honey, and corn. Owls also call the area around camp home and mainly hunt for food at night. Their large eyes help them see easily in the dark. Owls also have great hearing.

Coyotes are another animal that can be seen. They look like a large brown dog. It too hunts at night and eats smaller animals. Even though you might not see them, sometimes at night coyotes will howl. Raccoons also come out mainly at night. They look for food along streams and rivers. Sometimes they get into garbage cans and make a mess. They sleep in hollow trees, or chimneys during the day.

Turtles are one of the cooler animals that live around here. The turtles around here live in ponds, streams and can be found on a few golf courses!

Probably the most popular animal that can be seen during the day or at night are deer. They're everywhere! Female deer are called does. Male deer are called bucks and they have antlers. Some campers have seen deer on nature walks!

Foxes also live in the woods in this part of New Jersey. They are smaller than coyotes and eat mice, birds and other small animals. They also eat insects and fruit. Bats are also everywhere too! 

The bat is the only mammal that can fly and can be seen at around dusk. You don't see them during the day because they sleep by hanging upside down. Usually, they sleep in attics, trees, bat houses or old buildings.

We also see a lot of squirrels and chipmunks! Squirrels live in hollow trees and in round nests made of leaves. They mainly eat acorns that they also save and bury in the ground to eat in the winter. Chipmunks carry acorns and seeds in their big cheek pouches. They store the food in underground burrows, kind of like what squirrels do. 

These are just a few of the cool animals that live around here! Some we have seen, but most of them we haven't yet.