LifeCamp Watershed
by Blessed McClashie-Linton & Ziyanique Wells

 Here at LifeCamp, there are many activities to do.  One of the most fun is Nature because it helps you explore brand new things.  Earlier this week we had two visitors from the Raritan Headwaters Association named Laura Dillman and Shana Tracy.  Laura works for Americore and Shana is a middle school teacher during the school year.  They showed us how to identify macroinvertebrates and whether they are sensitive  and can survive in polluted water.  
On the first day that Ms. Laura and Ms. Shana came to LifeCamp they taught us about watersheds and macroinvertebrates.  They had fun and interesting ways of teaching.  We had the opportunity to identify different macroinvertebrates using a map they gave us.  Then Ms. Shana and Ms. Laura taught us about watersheds and how we can take care of the one we live in.
The second day we went to the stream to find these macroinvertebrates that we learned all about.  We dug into the bottom of the stream and found a lot!  We found cray fish, tadpoles, a cactus fly, and mayfly nymphs.  Who knew there was so much life in our stream!
Campers pose for a picture after finding macroinvertebrates in the river.
This camper has found something!
Laura Dillman explains what a watershed is.
A camper works on his water ways packet.
Ms. Shana shows a camper how to identify different macroinvertebrates.
This camper is working hard searching for macroinvertebrates.