Week 5 will be one to remember as LifeCamp will hold it's first-ever Spirit Week! Each day will have a unique theme and both campers and counselor alike will have a chance to earn a bunch of points based on how much they participate.

Here is the full schedule of events for Week 5.

Tuesday: Mismatch day

Now is your chance to wear different shoes and socks and odd combinations of clothing! Wear a yellow sock with a blue sock, or a gray sneaker with a black one. The more you don't match, the better!

Wednesday: All-white day

Campers are suggested to wear as many articles of clothing that are white, including hats, sneakers, shirts, shorts and socks. Also try to wear at least something with your team colors on it.

Thursday: Sports Jersey Day / Counselors vs. Counselors Watermelon Football

Do you have a favorite sports team? Wear your favorite sports shirt/jersey/hat and earn points by showing your team pride! Near the end of the day, the counselors will face off at the pool for a game of Watermelon football!

Friday: Color Day / Counselors vs. Specialist Kickball Game

Just like any other Color Day, the more articles of clothing and appropriate accessories you wear with your team colors, the more points you get! At the end of the day, the Counselors and Specialists will go head-to-head for bragging rights in a game of kickball!