LifeCamp Soccer Clinic

By Michael Westry and Khabir Wimberly

During the third week of camp, high school soccer players came and led the campers in a soccer clinic. Natalie Young, Sam Edmund, Chloe Sorenzo and Will Donovan were the instructors and each day they had a different plan for all the groups that showed up.

Monday, the campers started their day with warmups and other exercises. Then, the counselors worked the teams through passing and dribbling drills before starting an exciting game. Tuesday was filled with more fun as the campers plated more games and learned more and more about soccer.

Wednesday was also a fun day. After going through the stretches and warm-up exercises, the campers got to play a game against the counselors and it was a close game! Thursday and Friday were free days for the campers and a lot of them continued 

Being able to run this camp was a lot of fun for the counselors because they love soccer. Sam loves soccer because it's fun to play and she likes to play in non-competitive games too. Sam also thought all of the campers were very co-operative and really loved running the clinic. She really enjoyed meeting all the kids and teaching them about her favorite sport.

Natalie had a blast too. She thinks soccer is cool and a lot of fun and was so excited to have the opportunity to teach the kids. She was looking forward to it for weeks! Chloe really likes how active soccer is and loves playing with her friends. She hopes to get the opportunity to come back and teach soccer again.

Will knew right away he was going to love soccer. His first word was ball and now he's able to teach his favorite sport. He enjoyed running the clinic all week and was so happy the kids were eager to learn.