2014 LifeCamp Olympics
By: Sanai Singletary
As the last week approaches, Thursday and Friday are the 2 days that kids are most looking forward to.  LifeCamp's 2014 Olympics begin and that's where sportsmanship, competition, and teamwork come alive.  During the Olympics there are games like Trivia, Connect 4, swim races, and many more fun activities for campers to look forward to.  Mr. Franz said, "I think it's a great way to end camp and it brings a lot of energy to the camp." The kids at camp enjoy having fun with their friends and competing against the other team colors.  One of the kids at the Olympics said, "I like the Olympics because I get to have fun and play football." The 2014 LifeCamp Olympics is a great way to enjoy time with your friends and show team spirit!
Which Olympic events are the most popular?  Camp Times reporter, Nathan Campos, polled campers to find out.  Here are the activities and the percent of votes they received.
1) Kickball 28%
2) Basketball Dribble 12%
3) 50 Meter Dash 12%
4) Nok Hockey 8%
5) Baseball Throw 8%
6) Standing Broad Jump 6%
7) Relay Race 6%
8) Pool Races 6%
9) Connect 4 4%
10) Frisbee Toss 2%
11) Bean Bag Toss 2%
12) Distance Run 2%
13) What Do You Know 2%
14) Vertical Jump 2%
15) Horseshoe Toss 0%

Nathan Campos' Top 5 Ways to Win at the LifeCamp Olympics
1) Stay focused and concentrate on one thing to do.
2) Always stay positive and support your teammates.
3) Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
4) Set a goal for yourself and never forget about it.
5) Never give up!
Mr. Franz lights the torch.
The blue team walks into the ceremony.
Fun underwater picture!
Connect 4 competition.
Looks like everyone knows the answer to the trivia question!
This camper jumped far!
What a fast relay race!
Future basketball star doing her dribbling drills.