LifeCamp Connect 4 Champ

By Kaylenid Kaylee Adorno

This week, the Connect 4 tournament reached its exciting end. Samir Mott was able to defeat Kodey Freeman in a thrilling seven-game series by a score of 4-3 to win the tournament.

"It feels amazing," he said about the win. "It felt nervous at first because it was a very close match."

Samir went right into this tournament without any practice and was able to get on a hot streak that took him all the way to victory. The final match was very even and lasted several minutes before Samir came out on top.

Kodey Freemen took home the prize for second place. He thought that he was going to lose to his competitor and was very scared, but was able to take the winner almost to the brink of elimination.

Around 50 campers signed up and the double elimination tournament lasted over a week. The winners also won themselves some ice pops to help them cool off on such a hot day.