Learning to Ride

By Jayde Wolfe 

My name is Jayde. I am 11 years old and on July 23, 2017, I learned how to ride a bike for the first time.

I was scared at first but my uncle and aunt told me to man up and that I can do this. My two little cousins Sheridan and Pierce encouraged me to keep going because I got mad when I kept falling down.

It was important for me to work on my balance and realize that it was my job to control my bike. After I kept falling, I tried my best to not fall off the bike and after two hours i knew how to ride a bike. I was excited and now I want to ride my bike every day.

I was thanking my uncle my aunt and my little cousins for teaching me and believing in me because my mom always wanted me to learn in the summer time.

After I learned how to ride, me and my cousin's reward was Rita’s and it was delicious. At Rita’s I had ice cream with caramel on top.