The King of LifeCamp

By Jordan Tyler

I would like to tell you why so many campers at LifeCamp like LeBron James. I went around asked most of the campers who they thought was the best current player in the NBA and LeBron collected 28 out of the 37 votes. I went to and collected information to see why so many campers think LeBron is the best.

He played 2,705 minutes in the 2015-16 season for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He scored 1,922 points during the regular season and added 5,572 points in the playoffs. That is very impressive. In his career, he has won four MVPs, three NBA Finals MVPs, was the Rookie of the Year in 2004 and is a two-time All Star Game MVP.

He has recorded 26,833 points over the course of his 13-year career. In addition to that, he has been able to score at a pace of 27.2 points per game. One of the reasons campers might believe that LeBron is the best is because of his ability to play his best under pressure. An example of that is the most recent NBA championship. LeBron and his team were able to overcome a 3-1 series deficit to the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron played a total of 133 minutes in the final three games of the series and combined for 108 points, roughly one-third of his team’s total offense in those three wins. We all know that LeBron has been here for a long time so we can see that he has gotten progressively better. Now we can see some of his full potential. That is why everyone likes LeBron.

Golden State's Stephen Curry picked up five votes while Kevin Durant had two and both Kyrie Irving and Dwayne Wade had one.