LA to host Olympics

By Alana Anderson

 In 2028 something incredible is going to happen. It is going to be the summer Olympics. but this isn’t the first time that they have the Olympics. They also had the Olympics in LA in 1984 and 1932, which was a long time ago. The Winter Olympics were played in Salt Lake City in 2002.

But just wait until 2028 they will hosting it again and its going to be amazing.

They think the cost to hold the games will be over $5 billion. With a lot of stadiums there already they think they can save money.

They always planned this event early because it takes a long time to build certain things and buildings for the people that are doing the competition. Also they can be prepared for anything for the Olympics.

So in the next few years this olympics is going to be great and entertaining. The next Olympics are in South Korea in Febuary.