The Cheerleading Life
by A'zya Lockhart & Jordan Dodson

For the third year in a row, LifeCamp has its very own cheerleading squad.  How do we do it?  The way that we do cheerleading is that we first come up with the idea and then just simply ask kids from 5-13 if they want to cheer!!! In cheerleading the girls are expected to know all their jumps and some of their flips.

They are also expected to learn, listen, and work as a team because there is nothing better than TEAMWORK!!!


The cheerleaders are expected to know certain things. They’re expected to know their jumps. The jumps include toe touches, pike jumps, hurkeys, and tuck jumps. They need to know the hand and arm motions. The motions include High V Low V. They’re also expected to stretch before doing anything.

Cheerleading is a good way for campers to work together and get a great workout.  Plus, it's fun!

A dancer shows off her moves.
The girls practice their routine.
The squad practices their toe touches.