Ice Cream Poll
By Jordan Tyler & Nylah Page

Don’t you just love when the ice cream truck is here?  Everyone does!  I surveyed campers to find out the most popular ice cream flavor from the ice cream truck is.  I found that 26% of campers chose the ice cream sandwich.  That’s the most popular ice cream truck option.  Think about it, if you can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla you can get an ice cream sandwich and have both flavors! The ice cream comes every Thursday of camp. There are many people that get different flavors every time. But I wanted to know which flavor our campers could not live without.  Here are the results!

Ice Cream Sandwich 26%

Chocolate Éclair 12%

Mango Ice 12%

Bubble Gum Ice 12%

Strawberry Shortcake 6%

Cherry Ice 6%

Lemon Ice 6%

Coconut Ice 6%

Piña Colada Ice 4%

Green Apple Ice 2%

Watermelon Ice 2%

Cotton Candy 2%

Blueberry Ice 2%