Big Beats
by A'zya Lockhart & Jordan Dodson
Can you believe that after so many years, percussion is back???  And it's taught by Mr. Wilson.  He is an AMAZING teacher!  He teaches kids how to listen, show leadership, and the most important thing, which is rhythm.  You can now hear campers' beats throughout campus!  Mr. Wilson's favorite thing while he was in school was English and Music, but Music was his passion.  Even though Mr. Wilson is such a good percussion teacher here at camp, he is not a music teacher during the school year.  He's actually a crisis counselor in Newark's public schools.  
How does Mr. Wilson describe his first experience with LifeCamp?  He thinks that it's a wonderful place for kids and he hopes that he can come back next year.  We wondered who taught him how to be such a good drummer.  He actually learned how to play drums because he taught himself and he just picked it up by listening.  Luckily for LifeCampers, they won't need to learn how to play on their own because Mr. Wilson is here!