Hour of Silence

This week LifeCamp participated in an hour of silence.  It was so quiet!  Why did Mr. Franz want campers to get silent?  Camp Times reporters, Brianna, Leah, and Sania, caught up with Mr. Franz to get the inside scoop.

Why did LifeCamp have an hour of silence?
1) To hear nature and see nature
2) To provide a quiet time and place for yoga.
3) Reduces loud voices
4) Tests self control of campers
5) Teachers people that there are other ways to communicate

What did campers and counselors think of an hour of silence?

"I thought it was amazing.  The greatest hour that LifeCamp has ever had.  Mr. Franz is a pure genius." ~ Danny & Webster

"I loved it.  I wish we could do it everyday for the first period." ~ Keisha, counselor

"It was a great idea, but maybe it would work for a shorter time." ~ Leah

"We used hand motions and reading lips to communicate with each other." ~ Sania

"It didn't even realize it was a silent period.  It went well." ~ Mr. Brown, reading

"It was fun because we got to hear nature, read lips, and play charades." ~ Wayne