Hooray for Ice Cream!
By: Katyyh, Alana, Jalen & Leah

The ice cream man comes to camp every year making the campers excited for ice cream!  With the rain cancelling our ice cream day on Tuesday, we were even more excited when he finally came.  The four
 main choices that kids picked were bubblegum, ice cream sandwich, chocolate éclair, and a variety of ice flavors.  When we asked the ice cream man what was his most popular flavors he said it was the root beer and ice cream sandwich.  He has been coming to camp for years and plans to keep coming.  The ice cream man said that he comes to see the kids smile as they leave his truck eating their ice cream.  As you can see from the pictures, kids are very happy with the ice cream man coming.  Some even said ice cream is their favorite part of camp.  Even the counselors said so!  We always look forward to the ice cream man coming every time and are on our best behavior to ensure we get ice cream!